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Trivia and Facts

* Considers orange as his favourite colour

* His nickname "General" originates from the classic "Command and Conquer".

* Likes U-Boat films (The Hunt for Red October, In Enemy Hands, The Boat, K51)

* Had a severe pneumonia as child and nearly died from it.

* Was often sick as a child (pneumonia, bronchitis), but therefor is virtually never sick since a teenager

* Had two close death experiences: One time, he fell into a glass door and nearly got decapitated

* stuttered in childhood

* is a star trek fan

* Smoked his first cigarette shortly before his 18 birthday. Smokes regurlarly since he is 20.

* Nicknamed "Tischataschchen" by his brother in childhood, because his brother couldn't pronounce "Christian"

* is a die-hard fan of the Televsion show "Scrubs"

* Currently waits for the films "3:10 to Yuma", "American Gangster" and "The Dark Knight".

* Is attracted to Science - Fiction Films.

* Fell down a stair in his childhood. This could be a reason why he suffers from vertigo.

* Altough not a vegetarian, he dislikes and rarely eats meat.

* Collected snail-shells as a child.

* is scaried by zombies

* black is his favourite clothing colour

* doesn't understand the plot of Solaris(2002)

* favourite job was becoming a doctor.

* mentions acting as his dream job.

* is known that he has at least one fetish (coats).

* auditioned for a small part in a theater production in the Linzer Landestheater. He would have got the role, but due to schedule conflicts couldn't
take the part

* owns a Star Trek uniform and a U.S. navy uniform

* altough left-handed, he performs some actions right-handed, like playing table tennis.

* is normally shaved in winter and bearded in summer.

* Loves asian, mexican and oriental food.

* in fall 2003 he was so drunk that he destroyed his glasses, lost his mobile phone and nearly got arrested by a police patrol

* in 2005, after a pretty hard hangover he promised not to drink alcohol anymore. this promise lasted for 4 hours.

* is really fascinated from instrumental music, such as film soundtracks, Post-Rock and so on.

* heard only classical music as a child

* nearly got his head shaved in a drinking game

* 2 of his grandparents died, before he was born.

* his first television show he regurlarly watched was Star Trek(1966).

* has no driving license yet.

* is a relative of alpinist Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner.

* likes and owns a huge amount of incense sticks, candles and aroma oil.

* favourite x-files episode is "Improbable", Episode 13 on Season 9

* Commonly get on friends nerves with things they hate.

* enjoys funny music like village people, die Hinichen, E.A.V. and so on.

* [brandmark] often changes between dialect and standard german when speaking.

* likes to drink a glass of whiskey in the evening and sometimes smokes cigars

* has collected a small amount of coins, like old roman coins, etc.

* he has a "lucky one dollar" in his purse.

* was a fan of baywatch. swears that he liked the story, not the girls.

* was really in this "Dungeon and Dragons" stuff, paper pen games, in his teens.

* played and still owns a large amount of Magic:The Gathering Cards.

* very interested in history, owns a lot of history books, reads them frequently, knows EVERYTHING about it, and made his minor in history.

* Considered to study History in Salzburg, but took Business Informatics, because "i don't want to be a teacher and i am no Indiana Jones".

* Some had Superman, others Batman as their childhood idols, his idol was Captain James Kirk from Star Trek (1966).

* Adores and watches regularly films with Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Machinist, Equilibrium, Reign of Fire,..)

* favourite games are strategy games (Civlization, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, Risk, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, DKT....).

* yes, he likes " * "

* a quite complete list of well-liked actors: - Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Robin Williams, Clive Owen, Sean Connery, John C. McGinley,
Nicolas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, George Clooney, David Duchovny, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, David Morse,
Cuba Gooding Junior, John Cusack, Jason Isaacs, Cillian Murhpy, Jet Li, Kevin Spacey,

* interested in sword fighting

* is a fan of the medieval age, and sometimes attend such events.

* a defect in his left ear prevented him from military service.

* will start with his driving license in july 2008

* learning guitar since November 2007, announced he would like to learn some other instruments as well, like drums and violin

* is interested in learning spanish, russian, islandic.

* [brandmark] drinks as starting drink a beer, when drinking (much)

* on choosing randomly, he almost never chooses first or last.

* would like to have a Golden Retriver, a Labrador or a Beagle.

* likes and owned two Cats (Petzi, male and Scully, female)

* owned three budgies. two died of natural causes and one flew away when he forgot to close the cage.

* owns a lot of ties and five suits.

* [brandmark] golden ring on left ring finger, from his godmother

* mostly very nervous when he has a presentation.

* a devoted fan of the www.orisinal.com - games.

* he confessed, that he likes the pictures of Thomas Kinkade.

* an avid cook who uses frequently asian spices like curcuma, curry or lemongrass.

* often takes landscapes photos from the sky or in the evening at sunset.

* adores films with a psychotic component such as The Machinist, Silent Hill or Event Horizon.

* lost several relatives in the second world war.

* draws comics about a former classmate, Dietmar Pepöck.

* in middle school he and some of his class trained with a small soccer club and he played some friendly games with them.

* is currently starving, eats almost only Thai soups, no meat, fruits and smokes cigarettes to reach 75 kgs.

* not talented but a capable soccer player.

* he is good at repairing things.

* he has the very rare bloodgroup 0 negative.


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Alter: 34
aus: 4050 Traun
Universität: Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz

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